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Ryu Kyu Kempo

Classical martial art from Okinawa that emphasizes life-protection techniques, regardless of an individual's size. This is a classical "karate" class that emphasizes kata (forms), self defense, pressure points, joint manipulation, throws, ground fighting, and in close grappling. Group classes and private lessons are available. 

Firearms Training

Pistol and tactical rifle courses are offered from the basic entry level up to advanced levels. Gun Ownership 101 is specifically for first time gun owners and emphasizes safety and familiarization. Concealed carry basic course is essential in learning the basics on how to carry, draw, and shoot. 

Self Defense

Training is taken from Ryu Kyu Kempo techniques. They are no fail techniques that work. Training is offered in a seminar style setting and is all hands on learning. Instruction ranges from 4 hours to 5 full days, depending on customer needs.