Okinawa Art of Self Preservation

Ryukyu Kempo has been the way of martial arts in Okinawa for 100's of years. It emphasizes life protection and preservation not only through self defense but through healthy lifestyle and exercise. Two areas of focus for our school is kyusho jutsu (pressure point fighting) and Tuite jutsu (grappling and joint manipulation). We also emphasize katas, or forms, they are the blue prints for application of kyusho and tuite. The ultimate benefits from training are improved health and fitness, along with defense of yourself and others.   

Sensei Jason Walters is a former Green Beret and has trained for over 30 years in martials arts, ancient and modern weaponry, and survival. He is a US Army veteran, proudly serving as an Special Forces Officer in 3rd Special Forces Group, US Army Special Forces Command, US Army Special Operations Command at Ft Bragg, NC. 

Modern karate has lost much of it's original applications and purpose. Today, it is seen as a sport and more of a philosophical approach to life. Those aspects are part of it for sure but the martial application cannot be set aside. In order to honor those that have gone before us, the martial applications remain in our style.

Class Schedule and Contact

Class Schedule at the Opera House in Humboldt, TN:

Mon and Tue

5:30-6:30pm ages 6-11 ($50 per person)

5:30-6:30pm ages 12-16 ($60 per person)

7:00-8:30pm ages 17 and up ($75 per person)

email: [email protected]

Phone: (931) 237-4550