Self Defense based on Ryukyu Kempo techniques and Application

These courses are offered monthly in 2 hour sessions over 2 nights. The first night is an introduction to concepts and the specific techniques. The second night is all about real world speed application. We have training aids that allow for full power application so there is no holding back during the scenario training. It's no secret that the eyes, ears, nose, throat, hair, and groin​ are attack points for self defense. Our application utilizes the same areas but there are specific points that are focused on that increase the severity of the defensive technique. Age or size does not matter. We have had ages up to 70 years old able to execute these basic but extremely effective techniques with absolute success at real world speed. 

Dates, times and Location


March 22nd and 23rd  6-8pm

April 19th and 20th 6-8pm $20 for both nights

May 17th and 18th (6-8 pm $20 for both nights)

June 21st and 22nd (time and cost TBD)

July 19th and 20th (time and cost TBD)

August 23rd and 24th (time and cost TBD)

September 20th and 21st (time and cost TBD)

October 18th and 19th (time and cost TBD)

November 22nd and 23rd (time and cost TBD)